Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Randsequence in SystemVerilog

The random sequence generator is useful for randomly generating structured sequences of stimulus such as instructions or network traffic patterns.
By randomizing a packet, it will generate most unlikely scenarios which are not interested. These type of sequence of scenarios can be generated using randsequence.

randsequence is composed of one or more productions.
Each production contains a name and one or more production_list.

Production_list contains one or more production_item.
Production_items of production_list are further classified into terminals and non-terminals.
Non-terminals are defined in terms of terminals and other non-terminals.
A terminal is an indivisible item that needs no further definition than its associated code block.
Ultimately, every non-terminal is decomposed into its terminals.

A single production can contain multiple production lists.
multiple production lists are separated by the | symbol.
Production lists separated by a | imply a set of choices, which the generator will make at random.

By default procution_list is generated randomly, you can give probability for a production_list generation.
The probability that a production list is generated can be changed by assigning weights to production lists.
The probability that a particular production list is generated is proportional to its specified weight.
The := operator assigns the weight specified by the weight_specification to its production list.
A weight_specification must evaluate to an integral non-negative value.
Weight expressions are evaluated when their enclosing production is selected, thus allowing weights to change dynamically.

A production can be made conditional by means of an if..else production statement.
The expression can be any expression that evaluates to a boolean value. If the expression evaluates to true, the production following the expression is generated, otherwise the production following the optional else statement is generated.

A production can be selected from a set of alternatives using a case production statement.
The case expression is evaluated, and its value is compared against the value of each case-item expression, which are evaluated and compared in the order in which they are given.
The production associated with the first case-item expression that matches the case expression is generated.
If no matching case-item expression is found then the production associated with the optional default item is generated, or nothing if there no default item.
Case-item expressions separated by commas allow multiple expressions to share the production.

The repeat production statement is used to iterate a production over a specified number of times.


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